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  1. How to Reset 2012 Reset Nissan Murano CVT Fluid Count with Nissan Consult 3

    Vehicle model: Nissan Murano Z51 3.5L CVT 2012Y

    Purpose: reset CVT fluid “life” monitor

    Device used:

    You need a professional scan tool to reset the CVT transmission fluid count. The normal code readers will not work.

    Nissan Consult III, Nissan Consult III Plus, Launch x431 V and an Autel ms908p scanner, all of these will do the reset.

    Procedure for using Nissan Consult III diagnostic tool: ...
  2. (solved) Xentry DAS working but WIS not installed

    I have the problem with WIS standalone installation
    Version: DAS 012012, MB Star C4

    LanID: 080002AF5490
    1) Keys; checked and used 2 different keys, they are all – saved successfully
    2) WIS is 012012
    3) Modifyed d2ksetup.ini
    4) Running sdswitch.exe
    trying to install on “clean” system, Xentry DAS is working, but WIS (surprisingly) I cannot install.

    Solution found!
    Problem only in permission on folder e:\wis
    You need ...
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  3. Nissan Consult 3 Plus Programming Reviews Cheapest way FOUND!

    [B][URL=""]Nissan Consult 3 Plus[/URL] programming reviews:[/B]
    I looks like it’s a remote system using a bluetooth and is good up to 5 meters away. It also looks like it only works for OBD2…1996 and newer.
    The Nissan Consult three Plus does not support the Q45’s made from 1990-1996 YET. I hope that changes soon.
    I have an Infiniti G37 (2011). I used Nissan Consult III Plus to ...
  4. Xtool A80 Quick Questions and Answers

    [URL=""]OBD2TOOL[/URL] will offer you some questions and answers about [URL=""]XTOOL A80 H6[/URL] to help you know more about this device.
    [B]What’s the main features of A80?[/B]
    * Key programming
    * All System Diagnostic
    * EEPROM Adapter
    * Odometer Adjustment
    * Electric Parking Brake
    * Steering angle sensor adjustment
    * DPF ...
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  5. SD connect interface is Saying please put in batteries

    Hello MB star
    I just recieved My tablet and it looks and work Very good .
    But The sd connect interface is Saying “please put in batteries”
    What type of batteries is it ?
    This problem same to :
    [URL=""]SD Connect C4[/URL] mux display: Favor inserir baterias(Please insert batteries)
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