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Real Madrid’s 5 sins

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Last season's La Liga, the Champions League double crown Wang Real Madrid this season in the start stage encountered some trouble, three rounds of 1 wins and 2 draws 5 points, has been opened by Barcelona 4 points. For such a performance, the Spanish media "Aspen" lists the five crimes of Real Madrid.
1, the lack of attack firepower
After two consecutive, I believe all Real Madrid fans will miss C Luo, cheap fifa 18 coins in the absence of the Portuguese king of the case, the Real Madrid team although there are Arsenio, Bell, Benzema and other strength players, but they did not in the game Give the fans the corresponding transcripts. 1-1 home was Levante draw, 2-2 home by Valencia draw, these two games, we really can not see Real Madrid in the game dominated the performance level.
2, Zidane a large number of rotation
After a draw in the experience, Zidane also "poor speculation", in the game against Levante changed to play 4231, Bell, Modrić and others were pressed on the bench, but this also did not Too much effect. Two games, Zinedine Zidane starting position on the rotation of the four players, but still can not get in the Levante who 3 points.
3, the failure of the left corridor
Marcelo + Special Olympics left the corridor should have been countless fans look forward to, but in the game against Levante, their space opponents oppressed, there is no room to display, and Marcelo in the game Was also sent off the red card. cheap fifa coins It can be said that the combination of Teo + Marcelo from the current situation, is a failed attempt.
4, Benzema weak
No injury to the Benzema should be a defender all fear of the object, but in the game against Levante, Benzema injured end. In fact, in the game, Benzema did not show the effect, in the C Lo can not play the case, Benzema did not carry Real Madrid's offensive banner.
5, Bell is still in the doldrums
In this summer's warm-up match, Bell's performance was once worrying. To the new season, Welsh players still can not come up with no adverse performance to the past. In the match against Levante, Bell also lost a single-pole opportunity. Such a performance, perhaps Real Madrid will regret this summer did not sell it to Manchester United.
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