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  1. Launch ts971 vs ts401 vs tp200 vs el-50448

    2018 Bluetooth LAUNCH TS971 TPMS Activation Tool is much better than any of TS401,TP200 or EL-50448 in the hardware and software.

    What is LAUNCH TS971?

    LAUNCH TS 971 is an activation and diagnostic tool for the TPMS system. It uses high/low radio frequency to activate and read tire pressure sensor information and uses the OBD interface to reset the TPMS modules. Operation is needed when tire sensors are replaced and i TPMS DTCs need to be cleared.

    TS971-01 ...
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  2. Why Should You Get The most effective Skilled Automotive Diagnostic Scanner?

    Diagnostic scanners are qualified tools that happen to be applied to execute advanced diagnosis on a auto. They may be quick to make use of and connect to an OBD2 port. You only need to have the ideal skilled automotive diagnostic scanner and you are fantastic to go.

    The benefit is the fact that an expert automotive diagnostic scanner can analyze difficulties and also advocate fixes.

    Nonetheless, they might not be useful for someone who has no vehicle understanding ...
  3. BMW Battery Registration with Rheingold ISTA

    Topic: focus on why register the BMW battery replacement, BMW Battery Registration with Rheingold ISTA procedure.

    BMW Battery Registration

    BMWs need to know when you replace the battery, battery capacity and battery type must be registered! YOU DO NEED TO REGISTER battery replacements on BMWs with an IBS (Intelligent Battery Sensor).

    Why register the battery replacement?

    After installing a new battery, the service function ‘Register battery ...
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  4. Launch X431 PRO 3 Maserati Reviews

    How do you think of Launch X431 Pro 3 for Maserati diagnostics
    Look here: Launch X431 PRO 3 Reviews – Maserati diagnostic tests

    Review 1: it does this according to specs ( this is just for qp m139 the tool does more for other models)
    S017 PIS Adaptation
    S017 Self Learning
    S017 Reset wear index
    S017 Actuators calibration
    S017 Clutch configuration
    S017 Clutch actuator ...
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  5. Yanhua Mini ACDP program key on Land Rover KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin)

    Land Rover KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin) IMMO has solution now ,it is Yanhua Mini ACDP plus one mobile phone or a PC.
    Device and module to use:
    1.Yanhua Mini ACDP with OBP+ ICP adapter.

    2.Land Rover KVM module and authorization

    3. BDM adapter
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